What the Deuce: Top 25 (Week of October 8)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Top 25 (Week of October 8)

1. Ohio State (6-0)
2. Florida (6-0)
3. Michigan (6-0)
4. West Virginia (5-0)
5. Southern California (5-0)
6. Texas (5-1)
7. Louisville (5-0)
8. Auburn (5-1)
9. Georgia Tech (5-1)
10. Tennessee (5-1)
11. California (5-1)
12. Notre Dame (5-1)
13. Clemson (5-1)
14. Iowa (5-1)
15. Louisiana State (4-2)
16. Boise State (6-0)
17. Oregon (4-1)
18. Georgia (5-1)
19. Arkansas (4-1)
20. Oklahoma (3-2)
21. Missouri (6-0)
22. Nebraska (5-1)
23. Rutgers (5-0)
24. Virginia Tech (4-1)
25. Wisconsin (5-1)

Games Watched (Whole): Michigan State at Michigan
Games Watched (Partial): Louisiana State at Florida, Florida State at NC State, Tennessee at Georgia, Clemson at Wake Forest, Oregon at California

Observations: Didn't watch as much football this weekend because of other committments and Tiger baseball. Really surprised by how easily Florida won...LSU committed to many turnovers, especially at critical times...Tigers were in it with about 5 minutes to go in the 4th...Tim Tebow was great again this week and Urban Meyer's offense is going to be scary next year with Tebow under center...Still think Florida falls to Auburn...Florida State's offense is terrible and Bobby Bowden is more guilty of nepotism - how else does his son still have a job...Bowden seems to be facing the same criticism that Lloyd Carr did last year - overly loyal...FSU is going to have a lot of trouble getting to the ACC Championship Game...in general, the ACC is terrible this year...Thought Georgia had the game won in the first half...after being stout defensively through their first 5 games, Georgia gave up 51 last night...not sure if it was Georgia's defense or Tennessee's offense...maybe Georgia had all of us duped because of success against weak opponents to start the season...Wake's collapse was unfortunate...Clemson's return for a TD changed the entire game...not sure what to make of Clemson...Oregon's pass defense is going to cost them another game this year if it plays like it did last night...Michigan's win reminded me of their win against Minnesota...nothing exciting, doing the minimum to get it done...hope they are up for PSU...that game is worrisome...they need play with the emotion and attitude they displayed against ND.

Top 25 Poll Comments: I had no questions about 1-7. USC is ranked 5 only because they are undefeated. I didn't know that USC employed Spartan Bob and they are not getting through the Pac-10 without a loss. They're too banged up and they needed help "from above" to win yesterday. I really think GT is the 9th best team in the country and its because of their defense. Although Auburn got undressed yesterday, they're 8 more because I don't believe that the teams ranked lower are good enough to deserve higher rankings. I didn't know what to do with Mizzou or Boise State. Oklahoma is hanging on and the lack of pass offense is going to kill them. I'm not going to justify every spot but in general, I ranked the teams based on who would win on a neutral field and I just don't believe there is much difference between the teams ranked from 10-20. I guess I believe in parity. On a personal note, The VP (The Editor's father) joked with me (at least I think he was joking) that Rutgers should be true because of a messy version of the transitive property (Rutgers killed Illinois who beat MSU who lost in a boring game to Michigan). When I told him that he can't rely on the transitive property, he laughed. New post coming soon.


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