What the Deuce: To Receive Commission, You Need to Sell Things

Sunday, June 11, 2006

To Receive Commission, You Need to Sell Things

I'm currently in the process of looking for a new place in "The City Where the Heat is On," no basketball related pun intended. The Editor and I have decided to move in together for our last year of law school. But that's not what this post is about. Its about the lack of courtesy people in this city have. My reaction to this has slowly gone from I'm-gonna-kill-him anger to apathy to sheer disbelief. "Uhrugh" as by favorite canine dectective would say (that's Scooby Doo for all those who couldn't make that out...I'm sure its partially my fault because I can't translate the sound to a coherent spelling of it.

Anyway, we have been looking for a new place now for about a month and have had no luck. It doesn't help that we are both poor law students, which limits the properties we can see, but I have never had such horrible experiences with realtors before.

We current were working with a realtor who said he'd be happy to help and has done everything but that. He was supposed to call me to set up a time to show us some places on Saturday. He didn't. When I called to see what's up, he gave me a "dog-ate-my-homework" excuse and asked if we could reschedule for today, Sunday. I called him this morning per his request and he asked if I had sent him an email with the MLS numbers for the places we wanted to see. I had, like he had asked...ON WEDNESDAY. He obviously hadn't looked at my email or gathered the keys or done anything what he was supposed to have done. Then he said he'd be able to meet at 3:30 and when I told him I couldn't, he said he might be able to meet me at noon but to give him 15 minutes to see if it was possible. He did call me, only to tell me to give him 45 more minutes to get the keys and all that bullshit. This was at 10:38 according to my cellphone. At 12:38, I still hadn't received a call back.

Now, am I wrong, but isn't it that a realtor earns money by showing properties? Don't they work on commission? So it would make sense to show a place to people who want to rent so that they can get paid. But apparently this isn't a high priority with this realtor. Who knows, maybe he's so well off that I'm not worth his time. But it would be curteous to tell me that I'm not worth his time cause I'm just a broke law student. I've dealt with girls that played less games than this guy.

This isn't the only problem I've had finding an apartment. As a second avenue, I've gone the CraigsList route. But that hasn't been effective either. People leave their phone numbers on the ads saying to call, but when you do and leave a message, they don't call back...or they do like 3 weeks later. This has happened to me multiple times. Look, I'm not dumb, I know how it works. Sometimes places get rented but have the deceny to return messages.

I hope that the realtor loses his license (the Editor is telling the U to specifically inform incoming students not to work with this realtor). I hope the CraigsList people get stuck with their places and have to eat the rent. I hope all of them go bankrupt and then have to live in a cardboard box a la Mortimer and Randolph.


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