What the Deuce: Hooray College Football, Boo Lloyd Carr

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hooray College Football, Boo Lloyd Carr

Its hot. ESPN is showing a daily graphic summarizing the AL and NL Wild Card races. NCAA 07 came out a few weeks ago. All this can only mean the start of the College Football Season.

Lloyd Carr, Unfairly Criticized Coach

Gene Wojciechowski stereotypes all Michigan bloggers as disgruntled, disrespectful, and hungry...for Lloyd Carr's head. MGoBlog's opinion here and MZone's here. I initally felt some sympathy for Carr...but then I realized that Carr has put himself in this situation and he has no one to blame but himself.

Some of Carr's comments in the article provide further evidence into my tepid backing of Carr:

"I'm going to do what I want to do. The hell with anybody else, what they think."

If Carr really believes this is the best way to run a football team, I am deeply concerned. Carr's parochial view of college football has been a predominant factor in why Michigan is in the position it is currently. His unwavering loyalty to assistant who were cleary overmatched is what led to 7-5 last year. His reluctance to be agressive has cost Michigan more victories than I can count on one hand.

The individuals who are at the top of their respective fields are those who adapt. Hell, even JoPa realized that it might be beneficial to start freshman. In industry, once giants Ford and GM have been surpassed by foreign automakers because of their reluctance to change.

I'm excited about this upcoming season because some changes have been made. What remains to be seen is if those changes will be implemented or just put to the wayside as Carr decides to punt on fourth and short once again.

State of the Union

Mr. Maisel opines on the state of college football as fall practices begin across the country. In a gimicky article, Maisel annoints Michigan the Silver State - for its inability to conquer Ohio State, Notre Dame, or any opponent in a bowl game. Maisel declares Michigan the girl who can't seem to find a finacee - always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Guilty as charged.


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