What the Deuce: Week 6 Top 25

Monday, October 02, 2006

Week 6 Top 25

1. Ohio State (5-0)
2. Auburn (5-0)
3. West Virginia (5-0)
4. Florida (5-0)
5. Michigan (5-0)
6. Southern California (5-0)
7. Louisiana State (4-1)
8. Texas (4-1)
9. Louisville (4-0)
10. Oregon (4-0)
11. Georgia Tech (4-1)
12. Notre Dame (4-1)
13. Oklahoma (3-1)
14. Georgia (5-0)
15. Clemson (4-1)
16. Tennessee (4-1)
17. California (4-1)
18. Iowa (4-1)
19. Florida State (4-1)
20. Boise State (5-0)
21. Nebraska (4-1)
22. Virginia Tech (4-1)
23. Rutgers (5-0)
24. Missouri (5-0)
25. Boston College (4-1)

Games Watched (Whole):
Michigan at Minnesota
Games Watched (Partial): Illinois at Michigan State, Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Houston at Miami, Ohio State at Iowa, Alabama at Florida, Purdue at Notre Dame, Rutgers at South Florida, Auburn at South Carolina

Observations: Not surprised Michigan State lost, the annual swoon begins...I'm dedicating an entire post to this. Looking back, I don't know how Georgia Tech lost to Notre Dame...I think if they played now, GT would win...Jon Tenuta is one of the best D coordinators in the country - they arguably have lesser talent than their opposition in the ACC but manage to overcome this problem. Anyone who thought the ACC Coastal winner would be either Miami or VT is bummin...VT's offensive line is suspect and having a young QB doesn't bode well from them having to play Miami on the road. Speaking of Miami, they are not winning their division...they looked horrible against Houston, they have no game breakers, and seem like they are dragging through the season...Purdue's offense reconfirmed what we've know for a few weeks now - that ND's defense isn't very good...unless ND can improve, I'll have to agree with Desmond Howard who said that ND would be upset before its game with USC. Even though I have Florida 4, I don't know how much I believe in them...they looked sluggish and lost until the second half...they had an excellent fourth quarter but they can't play like that in their upcoming 3 game stretch against LSU, Georgia, and Auburn...including Alabama, that's 4 ranked teams in a row with 3 of them being in the Top Ten...Tim Tebow is going to be really, really good. Ohio State is definitely #1 but I wouldn't go as far as Stewart Mandel. Personally, its good to see Rutgers in the Top 25...interested to see how they do against Pitt...struggled on defense against USF which is surprising given that Schiano has a defensive background. Had Auburn #1 before this week...don't know what to make of this win...Cocks playcalling was too predictable at the end...Auburn's defense looked strong and its their biggest asset.

Top 25 Poll Comments: Originally had Auburn #1 but after OSU manhanled Iowa, they're #1 now. Not impressed with USC...too many injuries and I don't think they are that good...didn't know what to do after 12...going with the logic I use, I really do think GT is 11...Tennessee is ahead of Cal because of week 1...have no idea about Boise State...After 10, to me, its a crapshoot.


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