What the Deuce: Top 25 (Week of October 22, 2006)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Top 25 (Week of October 22, 2006)

1. Ohio State (8-0)
2. Michigan (8-0)
3. West Virginia (7-0)
4. Texas (7-1)
5. Southern California (6-0)
6. Auburn (7-1)
7. Florida (7-1)
8. California (7-1)
9. Louisville (7-0)
10. Tennessee (6-1)
11. Louisiana State (6-2)
12. Clemson (7-1)
13. Wisconsin (7-1)
14. Notre Dame (7-1)
15. Georgia Tech (5-2)
16. Rutgers (8-0)
Boise State (8-0)
18. Arkansas (6-1)
19. Oregon (5-2)
20. Boston College (6-1)
Oklahoma (5-2)
Texas A&M (7-1)
Missouri (7-1)
24. Wake Forest (6-1)
Nebraska (6-2)

Games Watched: Iowa at Michigan, Rutgers at Pitt, Boston College at Florida State, UCLA at Notre Dame, Alabama at Tennessee, Georgia Tech at Clemson, Texas at Nebraska

Observations: I'll start with Michigan...disappointed in their offensive playcalling in the 1st half...I understand not watching to show too much, but letting Iowa hang around until the middle of the 4th quarter is ridiculous...the defense is the best I've seen since 1997...if the offense can catch up in the next few weeks, things will be looking up going into Columbus...Manningham is very valuable to this offense but I can't tell what is really missing without him there...is there really no deep threat or is Michigan just not calling as much stuff deep because they know they can get by without it? Notre Dame is a joke and people who are Irish fans are saying the same to me. The should have 3 losses to this point...their O-Line is terrible and the only reason they won yesterday is because UCLA went soft at the end, giving me flashbacks to every Michigan loss last year...terrible coaching by UCLA's staff...I can't guage how good BC is...they looked solid in the first half against the 'Noles but let FSU come back and had to use a goofy safety to win the game...I'm not sold on them...Tennessee is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...one week, they look strong and the next they barely win...Alabama did a great job of stopping an offense that exploded against Cal and Georgia...Tide also lost because of poor coaching...Clemson did a terrific job running the ball yesterday...GT reverted back to being GT...the Yellow Jackets rely on their defense too much...yes, last week I said I thought GT was likely to win the ACC because of their defense but against good teams, their offense can't score and that's their downfall...Rutgers ran the ball effectively and Ray Rice should be a Heisman candidate...their defense surprised me...Scarlet Knights' secondary did its job...congrats to Michigan State...Colt McCoy did a great job of directing Texas' offense and making plays to win in Nebraska...I was surprised though at how close the game was...emphasised the importance of a solid kicking game.

Top 25 Comments: This week I made sure to use my original method of purely ranking based on neutral field competition and making a list from 1 to 25. I disregarded the rankings from last week for the most part (I did use them as a starting point). SC is behind the rest of the undefeated not named Rugters or Boise State because I just haven't been impressed with them this year. Their only strong win came against Nebraska who decided not to pass during that game for some reason. They barely beat Washington and ASU, both of whom are middle of the pack Pac10 teams. Louisville hasn't looked good for the last two weeks and, on a neutral field, I don't think the Cards beat any of the teams ranked ahead of them. Wisconsin gets ranked high because MGoBlog's opinion of them and because of their defense. The Badger offense has looked solid against anyone not named Michigan. Oklahoma ranked in the 20s because their offense without Adrian Peterson has looked dismal - it's gonna catch up to them, just a matter of when.

Person I Feel Terrible For This Week:

Calvin Johnson. Reggie Ball is a terrible quarterback and Lou Holtz was dead on when he said that Ball makes terrible decisions and holds on to the ball too long. I don't know if this is a result of Ball not understanding, a lack of coaching, or my guess, both. He's a senior and still makes mistakes he was making as a freshman. Last night he missed a wide open Calvin Johnson multiple times and made terrible decisions of when to hold and run versus passing. Give GT a good quarterback and they're undefeated.


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SC also beat Arkansas.. who's top 20 in your poll... and if you call Notre Dame a joke, how is Michigan so highly ranked when a joke is their best win to date?

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