What the Deuce: Top 25 Poll (Week of October 15)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Top 25 Poll (Week of October 15)

1. Ohio State (7-0)
2. Michigan (7-0)
3. West Virginia (6-0)
4. Southern California (7-0)
5. Texas (6-1)
6. Louisville (6-0)
7. Auburn (6-1)
8. Georgia Tech (5-1)
9. Florida (6-1)
10. Tennessee (5-1)
11. California (6-1)
12. Notre Dame (5-1)
13. Clemson (6-1)
14. Louisiana State (5-2)
15. Oregon (5-1)
16. Boise State (6-0)
17. Arkansas (5-1)
18. Rutgers (6-0)
19. Oklahoma (4-2)
20. Boston College (5-1)
21. Wisconsin (6-1)
22. Texas A&M (6-1)
23. Missouri (6-1)
24. Iowa (5-2)
25. Wake Forest (6-1)

Games Watched Whole: Michigan at Penn State
Games Watched Partial: Ohio State at Michigan State, Florida at Auburn, Virginia Tech at Boston College

Observations: Didn't watch that much football Saturday because of the Tigers (whoo hoo!). Surprised with how VT has fallen...BC's O-Line dominated the VT D-Line...VT and Georgia have the same problem - bad QBs...with every week that passes, I feel more confident GT will play in the ACC Championship Game...John L. Smith has lost this team and it was sad to see so much scarlet and grey in East Lansing...don't think the Spartans will make a bowl game...Auburn's defense looked awesome against Florida, but I don't know what to make of the Tigers - they didn't score an offensive TD against the Gators...the SEC is up for grabs because every team seems to have a weakness, in which case, I'll pick Auburn because of their defense...Michigan played really well last night on defense...its exciting to see a Michigan D that gets to the ball quickly and hits hard...Carr made the right move making Ron English the D coordinator...unfortunately, the secondary is inconsistent...can't commit dumb penalities on 3rd and long...can't allow the offense to convert on 3rd and long...the secondary has to play better, especially when the opposition rolls the pocket trying to buy their QB time to throw...

Top 25 Poll Comments: I'm writing this after the BCS rankings came out and there's no way USC should be #2 - they haven't looked good all year and they're benefiting from their preseason ranking...Michigan should be #2 across the board...1-12 was pretty easy for me to put together, but the rest was a crapshoot. I've done this poll 3 times this season and I realize two things now: 1) it's difficult to keep in mind a team's past results and 2) unless I watch a team, there's a part of me that wants to rank a team based on history. Regarding my first point - I don't really know how to reconcile the mix of Cal, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, LSU. In the last 2 weeks, I've been more impressed with Cal than Tennessee, but is it okay to rank Cal above Tennessee seeing that Tennessee drubbed Cal early on? Same goes for Auburn, Florida, LSU, etc. To my second point, I had trouble filling in the bottom of the poll and I was hesitant to put in Wake because I didn't watch them this weekend and thought "It's Wake." Bottom line, determining the Top 25 is harder than it looks. Oh, one more thing, just a dominant win for the State University of New Jersey!


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