What the Deuce: October 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

Like any normal morning, I started getting dressed for class. As I was standing around looking for a shirt to wear, I noticed my Blue Michigan t-shirt, you know the one, blue with "Michigan" across the chest. I decided I would put it on.

See, I'm in school at the University of Miami (FL) and this season has been tough because my friends down here have been giving me crap about how the Michigan football team has done this year. But I put on my shirt...I had to...the win made me feel good, until at least Saturday.

I got to school and noticed 2 other people wearing the same Michigan t-shirt (I am in law school and go to school with a lot of Michigan alumns).

The first kid looked at me, smiled, and put one index finger in the air. I pointed back at him, not saying a word. Right after this exchange I caught sight of my friend Brian. He looked at me smiled and gave a disbeliving shake of his head and a thumbs up. I smiled back.

Although I felt good after the State game, this was the first time this season I felt really good about Michigan football.