What the Deuce: Michigan v. Butler at the Great Alaskan Shootout

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Michigan v. Butler at the Great Alaskan Shootout

11:29 EST Michigan coming up next on ESPN 2 against Butler in the Great Alaskan Shootout. It's great to see Michigan playing in a Thanksgiving week tournament. I can't remember the last time this happened.

11:36 EST Debating whether to make a cup of coffee. When I was in college, staying up to 1:30 to watch a game wasn't a problem. Now that I'm working, it is.

11:38 EST Wow! The Great Alaskan Shootout is having its 30th anniversary this year! Manny Harris is Michigan's star for Star Watch. Um, probably not good when you're star is a freshman.

11:40 EST All of Butler's starters are seniors. Definitely not good. I need a program for the Michigan team.

11:42 EST Day-shawn Sims hits a 3! First Michigan turnover comes at the 18:10 mark.

11:43 EST Third time the picture has cut out. Apparently its also the 30th anniversary of ESPN's video technology.

11:45 EST 10-5 Butler. Goddamn picture keeps cutting out. Grady, Sims, Udoh, Harris, and Coleman for Michigan. Grady hits a 3. Michigan 2-2 from 3.

11:50 EST Butler can't get the ball inside because of the 1-3-1. Unfortunately, Butler is hot from 3. Campbell is 3-5 from 3 for Butler.

11:51 EST 3 Turnovers now for Michigan. 13:52 to go in the half.

11:54 EST 2nd "carry" call against Michigan. Butler with a quick screen and roll. Michigan can't get the ball inside. So far, the only close range attempt was on a missed fastbreak layup.

00:00 EST 26-11 Butler. Offense is colder than Alaska in November. Aaand another turnover.

00:03 EST Ron Coleman hits a three to snap the Bulldogs' 10-0 run. The offense looks terrible - players just don't look sure of what they are supposed to do. John Beilein said that at the beginning of practices there was a 3 second delay on offense and now its a 2 second delay. It shows.

00:07 EST Dane Fife is a head coach at the D-1 Level? I'm going to have to investigate this. Another turnover for Michigan.

00:08 EST Some guy named CJ Lee hits a 3 for Michigan. Udoh for three?!! No. It's a 2. 19-28 Butler.

00:09 EST Great box out by Day-Shawn Sims on the offensive glass. Tip in!

00:10 EST Coleman pulls up in transition for 3. 24-31 Butler. 5:13 in the half.

00:12 EST It seems that any time Michigan tries to do anything inside the three point line, it results in a turnover.

00:16 EST Not only is it Day-shawn its now Day-shawn Simpson. Good job ESPN, good job.

00:18 EST 7-11 from 3 for Michigan. 27-37 Butler after an Adam Graves 3.

00:19 EST Kelvin Grady looks nothing like Kevin Grady. First free throws for Michigan with 1:56 in the half.

00:24 EST Great defense by Michigan. Grady came from the dribbler's blindside and almost stole the ball. Scramble for the ball, double dribble call against Butler.

00:25 EST Halftime. Michigan 32 Butler 40. Positives: Shooting is a lot better than last year, but that's not saying much. The defense is aggressive and there are always 2-3 guys hitting the defensive glass. Negatives: the offense is clearly a work in progress. Unless there is a open three, Michigan has struggled. Until about 2:00 in the first half, Michigan did nothing inside the three point line.
Oh, one more complaint - too many turnovers. The zone is preventing anything inside but Michigan isn't taking advantage of its height. Let's see how Beilein adjusts at the half. Honestly, this team looks completely different, in the way it plays, from last year. It's not just the strategy, its the way the team carries itself. Even when Butler looked like it was going to turn the game into a blowout, Michigan played tough and cut the lead. Had the offense not gone cold in the middle of the first half, the difference would be 4 points, maximum. I wouldn't be surprised if Michigan were to pull this one out and win.

00:36 EST Yep, Dane Fife the head coach at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne. He got the job at 25 and his blog can be found at www.danefife.com. Of all the Fifes, I prefer Dugan. I think Dugan played football too...or could have.

00:40 EST Michigan fans in Alaska have signs re: Les Miles. I still think we should go with Kirk Ferentz.

00:41 EST 8 Michigan turnovers in the 1st half. And now is Duh-shawn Sims.

00:43 EST 2 consecutive turnovers for Butler. Defensive is very active early in the 2nd half.

00:44 EST Harris drives....And 1?!!! No. At least two free throws coming up for Harris. 39-40 Butler.

00:45 EST Campbell for 3 again. Guard him. Now.

00:49 EST DeShawn Sims is going to be good. He looks confident playing with his back to the basket.

00:50 EST Fucking guard Pete Campbell!

00:51 EST Campbell gets the 3 off but misses and picks up a blocking foul on defensive end. Oh, Shaun Alexander is out for Sunday. What a waste of an early fantasy pick.

oo:52 EST I'm hate the Bud Light commercials. They are just stupid. Well, except for the Opera one. It's kind of funny.

00:54 EST Great defensive recovery. Blown play on offense but Sims with help that leads to a block. Save by Grady.

00:55 EST Grady misses in transition...Butler with the rebound...Michigan ties it up! Jump ball. Well, possession arrow...and it goes to...Butler and Graves hits a 3.

00:57 EST Pete Campbell game MVP. Graves hits a another 3. 48-60 Butler. This after Michigan had cut the lead to 48-54.

01:00 EST What the hell was that mascot? Looked like Chewbacca.

01:01 EST Really liking how Michigan is attacking the boards on both offense and defense

01:05 EST Flipping to another channel. I'm tired of the Nissan Rogue labyrinth commercial. And the stupid song in it.

01:07 EST Michigan just dominating on the glass. Too bad they are leaving guys open for 3s which Butler is making with ease. 50-66 Butler.

01:08 EST Another 3 for Butler. The ball movement is killing Michigan. 16 made 3s for Butler.

01:11 EST Butler up 72-50. That's the 20 point rule. Good night. Wrap up thoughts coming either later today or Friday.

01:12 EST
Happy Thanksgiving.


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