What the Deuce: NCAA Rounds 1 and 2

Sunday, March 23, 2008

NCAA Rounds 1 and 2

The first weekend of the NCAAs is almost over. Some quick thoughts:

Watching Patrick Beverly (Arkansas), Tory Jackson (ND), and Scottie Reynolds ('Nova) has been especially painful. Having just one of the three in Maize and Blue would have helped the team greatly. Either Grady or Harris wouldn't have started or Beilein could have gone three guard, moving Harris to the three. Most importantly, Michigan would have had a more experienced guard in the rotation and another scorer to ease the burden on Harris and Sims.

Damn you Pittsburgh! I had the Panthers in my final 2. Michigan State played a terrific game defensively and, for the most part, shut down Pitt in the half court. I don't understand why Dixon didn't order Fields and Ramon to push the ball up off of Michigan State misses.

Stanford, the perenially great regular season, post season flameout team actually made the Sweet 16. Another game in which the strategy was questionable. At the end of overtime, with Marquette up 1, I would have doubled Brook Lopez.

Duke is overrated and shouldn't have received a two seed. The NY Times had a great reaction piece on yesterday's game against WVU.

Speaking of WVU, although the Mountaineers are now running Huggins' scheme, as a Michigan fan, its exciting to see the talent he had to work with. Hopefully, Beilein will be able to get similar quality players, if not better, to come to Ann Arbor. I guess we'll see with Cronin, Douglass, and Novak.

Watching Miami v. Texas right now. I think Miami has the potential to become a top tier program in the ACC. Frank Haith, in just four years, has taken the Hurricanes to the NCAAs. The added exposure can only help and what recruit wouldn't want to play in the Bank United Center (the new basketball facility on campus) and live in Miami/Coral Gables for a few years?

Finally, its frustrating to watch yet another tournament without Michigan in it. I'm tried of waiting. Sigh.


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