What the Deuce: 20

Monday, September 24, 2007


Leisa Thompson/Ann Arbor News

For the last four years, to signify the start of the new season, I bought a new football jersey. It began with 3 for Marlon Jackson. The following season, 8 for Jason Avant. Two years ago, I wore 15 and last year I decided on Mike Hart's 20. I wanted the jerseys of players that meant something to me. This year, I passed on buying a jersey. The reason is unimportant.

Before the Applachian State game, I decided to wear a Michigan t-shirt instead of a jersey. The following week, even though I had a jersey with me, I wore my Zingerman's t-shirt instead. I'm superstitious enough to believe my failure to buy a jersey was a contributing factor in those losses and I was damned sure that it wasn't going to happen again.

Two weeks in a row, I put on my Mike Hart road jersey and good things have happened. Talk has now shifted from Michigan being the answer to a trivia question to Michigan being a contender for the Big Ten title. After Saturday, I know why I didn't buy that blue 86 jersey. It's the same reason why I may not ever buy a Michigan football jersey again: Mike Hart.

Mike Hart is Michigan football. The phrase "Michigan Man" gets thrown around frequently. We want our next coach to be a Michigan Man. A recruit is a bad fit because he's not a Michigan Man. I think if you were to ask Bo what a Michigan Man is, he'd say Mike Hart. That's why, when the time comes to hire a new coach, Hart needs to be on the search committee. It may be a fanciful wish, but my ideal coach would be aggressive playcalling Mike Hart.

Before the season began, I had planned on going home for the Ohio State game. After the first two losses, I wasn't so sure. When number 20 stretched to put Michigan up 14-9, I knew I had to go. It doesn't matter what the team's record is. I need to show Mike Hart my appreciation for everything he has done for our program in the last 4 years.


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