What the Deuce: Tommy Amaker Can Do No Wrong

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tommy Amaker Can Do No Wrong

The MSM supports Tommy Amaker. Apparently, being an affable and from Duke means you can do no wrong. More importantly, it means you're a good coach. When discussing the troublesome nature of a senior laden Michigan team missing the NCAA tournament, Cory McCartney writes

"The Wolverines have been too sloppy, averaging 14.6 turnovers a game (163rd nationally) and are 10th in the Big Ten in assist-to-turnover ratio (0.97-to-1). But the problem is not Amaker, who has been rebuilding a program in shambles, and he's done it the right way. Michigan fans are understandably growing tired of these [annual February] meltdowns, but giving up on the coach who helped restore the program's reputation, is not the answer."

Conveniently, McCartney does not point a finger at anyone. If Amaker is not the problem, then who or what is? Even after citing damning statistics, McCartney's argument for keeping up Amaker is that he's helped clean up the program. Apparently, it's impossible to run a clean program and make the tournament at the same time.

Win and you're in...oh, I mean, you're still alive: Jerry Palm thinks the winner of tonight's Michigan v. Michigan State game is still in the hunt for an NCAA berth. The loser is out. Michigan fans, don't get your hopes up. Why? 1) Game is in East Lansing; 2) Izzo is a better coach; 3) Izzo's teams are known for their hustle.

In sum: East Lansing + Tom Izzo + Hustle = Michigan in the NIT


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