What the Deuce: The South Rises Again

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The South Rises Again

Yesterday's outcome in the National Championship game surprised me. Tressel was throughly outcoached and OSU look ill-prepared for Florida. The Offensive Line played terribly and their play hurt the Buckeyes more than anything. Not much more to say other than the following:

1. Still think that Florida should not have been in the game. Yes, they played tremendously last night and deserve the National Title but the fact still remains that the voters picked Florida primarily because they didn't want to see a rematch.

2. Backing anyone in this game was impossible. It was mortal enemy or people who think football doesn't exist outside of the south. I went with mortal enemy for two reasons: 1) Big Ten pride and 2) I hate the SEC. The worst thing that comes out of this loss is a bunch of rednecks chanting SEC! SEC! and having the media perpetuate "the SEC is the best myth" next year.

What I noticed the most about this year's game was logistical. In years past, I was really excited to watch the national championship game. Not this year and, I swear, it wasn't because of the teams. I think what killed me was the layoff between the Sugar Bowl and the National Championship game. Up until last year, the all the BCS games were played within days of each other so there was nothing else to distract me. This year, I had an entire weekend of NFL Wildcard games and two other college bowl games. Simply, too much of a lull. Fox's decision to schedule the game so late made the whole thing anti climatic. I just lost interest. In fact, this past Saturday, while watching the International Bowl, I thought "oh this is the last bowl game" and then realized that Florida/Ohio State was 2 days away. Just a terrible decision and they need to have the game no later than the 5th.

Random topic of the day: On the way to work there was a homeless person at an intersection attempting to wash people's windshields while they waited at a red light. He was using an old newspaper and nothing more. Now, I'm torn on giving homeless people money - I'd rather give them food or beer, but there was no way I was giving this guy money. Why? Cause he wasn't even trying. Look, if you want me to pay you for cleaning my windshield, do it well...don't half ass it. You might as well do nothing and ask me for spare change. This dude should get a squeegee ($3 max) and some Windex ($4 max). Yeah, that means he'd be out seven bucks, but I'm sure people would be more willing to pay him if he was using window washing tools. I know I would.


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