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Monday, February 05, 2007

Bloggin Ain't Easy

While smashing my New Year's resolution like a piggy bank, I quickly acquired a new found respect for sites like MGoBlog, EDSBS, The M Zone, etc. I thought it'd be easy to post something everyday - even if the post was a couple of lines about something that happened in the sports world that day. Nope. In fact, posting everyday is very difficult. I had trouble coming up with content. I had trouble doing the research. I had trouble putting words onto paper. By the time all the problems were solved, my topic was old news.

I have no idea how these sites come up with new content, daily, that's interesting, well thought out, well written, informative and funny. I'd get a little annoyed on days when there was nothing new to read at these sites, but no more. Thanks for the hard work guys...

My ambitious goals for the next few days, including tonight are as follows:

Monday: Texas @ Texas A&M. Notes on Kevin Durant and Acie Law IV.
Tuesday: Michigan @ Ohio State. A running diary of the travesty that's Michigan basketball.
Wednesday: National Signing Day. Words about Wolverine football and the future.

Let's see how many of these get posted. I'm hoping to go 2 for 3.


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