What the Deuce: MidWeek Roundup

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MidWeek Roundup

Lots of things on the docket. Let's get right to them.

Dancin Machine: An all around good guy at Michigan, people knew Dhani Jones for his love of poetry, painted fingernails, attraction to Indian girls, and most importantly, his free spirit. Apparently, the Miami Beach Police didn't find his free spirit as endearing as his classmates did during his days in Ann Arbor. I wouldn't read too much into this; Dhani is a fun loving guy and, from personal experience, the law enforcement in Miami is attrocious - not a good combination. I had class with Dhani my freshman year, when Michigan won the National Championship, and every time I hear his name I think of this story: After winning against OSU at home, Dhani came to Econ 101 late. Not many people in the class knew who he was, but the professor did. As Dhani took a seat in the back corner of the lecture hall, our professor looked straight at Dhani, smiled and flashed a "thumbs up."

Not So Sweet Success: Good win for the hoopsters last night against ODU. I was worried in the first have as ODU went ahead, but I must admit, Michigan played a great defensive second half to pull away with an easy victory. Sims played like a man, for once, and it showed. If they could get this kind of production out of Sims all the time, this would be a much better team. I'm excited that they are playing tomorrow night for the championship and here's an interesting fact: The winner of Thursday's game will set the all time mark for consecutive wins in the NIT, 10. What does this mean? Simply, that both Michigan and South Carolina are underachievers. One of the analysts on ESPN said its not a record to be proud of. Well said.

Stop Freaking Out: Law school is an interesting place. My regular readers know I am not a big fan of law school. I'm not a fan of many of the people either. You have the law school dorks who argue about statutes for fun and draw all of their professional experience from being on law review. And then, you have the 1Ls. Scott Turow, of Presumed Innocent fame, coined the monkier 1L in his book about his first year at Harvard Law School. I haven't read the book but I can tell you why I don't like 1Ls. They mill around the classrooms after class is over for no apparent reason. They swarm professors after class, like college students to a keg, in hopes of making a good impression on the professor, in hopes of getting an A. They walk into already occupied classrooms before their classes start, to set up their laptops, and sneer when they realize there's already a class in the room. Finally, they ask stupid questions and subject everyone in the room to these idiotic questions.

Yesterday, we had a meeting for a class that is offered in the fall. Since demand is high and supply is low, the professor in charge gives preference to those who commit to a clinical placement. Some girl decides to ask about the clinical placement, but none of her questions were in relation to the class. Instead, they questions were specific to that clinical (the SEC placement). Even though she knew she was there to get information about a class, she kept asking questions about the SEC placement - subjecting us to all of her idiotic questions. Why in God's name couldn't she have just asked them afterwards? Did she really need to subject us to questions that were particular to her situation?

Listen 1Ls - get a life. Understand that everything doesn't revolve around you and be considerate of the other law students that go to school with you. The upperclassmen don't care about what you're going through. We all went through it our first year. You are not special. When you realize law school isn't life, you'll understand.


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