What the Deuce: Midweek Recap

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Midweek Recap

Busy weekend with the Super Bowl, birthday parties, and Michigan football. I'll get right into it.

Super Bowl Thoughts:

This year, I wasn't particularly interested in the game, but I was excited because my house decided to throw a Super Bowl Party. At first, it was a small get together but that quickly changed as word got around the law school. I was worried cause I didn't want people coming to the party without making a food or beverage contribution (it was originally a "potluck"). My girlfriend was worried because my house isn't that big and she didn't know where everyone would sit. Our worries were for naught as people brought more than enough food. Mike Gittleson would have been proud of our spread: Quarter Pounders from McDonald's, chili, chicken fries (complements of the King), bean dip, nachos, mac and cheese, and tons of fried chicken. There were also some healthy contributions like fruit and beer. The party was a big success as at one point we had 31 people and a dog in a three bedroom house. Our front yard was a makeshit parking lot reminiscent of the house on Arch Street on a football Saturday. Oh yeah...I forgot, I won almost $200 playing squares. Overall a great party.

The game itself left more to be desired. I am very happy The Bus got his ring, but I was more happy that Jerame Tuman and Larry Foote got their's. See, I am a die hard Lions fan and every year after they are mathematically eliminated around Thanksgiving, I root for teams that employ ex-Michigan players. That's all I really have to say about that.

Finally, from what I am hearing, Detroit did a great job hosting XL. Let's hope that this is the springboard for bigger and better things for the old rust belt city.

Birthday Parties

Friday night I went to Opium on South Beach with most of my 2L class for a birthday party. Opium is my favorite place on the beach because its essentially 3 clubs in one and they play good hip hop. Unfortunately, this was not the case on Friday. Thank God I drank as much as I did.

Saturday night I went to Automatic Slim's, again on South Beach. I'd never been there before, but I have always wanted to go. My girlfriend and I went for our friend Dish's birthday and it was excellent. I can't really describe the feel of the bar other than saying it reminded me of a mix between Swingers and neighborhood bar. They played a great mix of music, the drinks were relatively cheap (good because my girlfriend accidentally dropped my pint of Sam Adams), and there were attractive girls dancing on poles and on the bar. Great night. Good times. Definitely a place to check out. I will go there again.

Michigan Football

There is just too much for me to write on what I think is going on right now. I'm gonna save it for another post.


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