What the Deuce: Law Students, Thieves?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Law Students, Thieves?

I'm pissed. I'm glad I have this blog, cause it allows me to vent and hopefully connect with people that have some input on the subject matter.

Background information:

I am a law student in Miami at the "U," as the football team likes to call it. Yesterday, stupidly, I left my laptop charger in one of the classrooms. This was about 11AM. I didn't realize this until 3:30 but wasn't able to go back to see if it was in the room until 6:00 because of the class schedules. When I got there, I looked around for about 20 minutes and nothing. No charger anywhere. Not under the desk. Not at the front of the room. Nowhere.

This morning I went to the Registrar, Dean of Student's Office, and the library (3 lost and found locations). Nothing. I went back in the afternoon. Nothing. I talked to the professor who teaches the class in the same room right after my class. Nothing.

I have a question...maybe a couple.


Now I am assuming that it was stolen and that the finder isn't trying to find me, laughing with his/her buddies about his/her good fortune. "Now I can have one at school and one at home! HA HA HA!" Yes, maybe I am paranoid and don't trust people, but I know that if I had found a cord I would have wanted to keep it, but I would have turned it into the lost and found. I am not saying I am better than those who don't/wouldn't, but it strikes me, that future lawyers could be dishonest and unhelpful.

Reading that last sentence, maybe I am foolish. Lawyers are pretty scummy. I want to just say that although I am studying law, I want to go back to the business world and law school was pretty much a mistake on my part.

What really pisses me off is that we operate under a strict honor code here. Taking a pencil from the libarary is technically a punishable offense. But forget the legal stuff, have some fucking compassion for a fellow broke-ass student. We all have laptops and understand how essential they are to our daily being. We all know that a power cord is necessary for a laptop to function (assuming the battery has run out).

Needless to say, I am probably outta $50 to replace the damn thing. Hopefully, I am wrong and the person is looking for me or turning in the cord now but I am not keeping my hopes up.

Oh, for those who are wondering how I got this post up...I was lucky enough to have a friend let me borrow her charger this morning.

One last thing...If you took my damn charger and are reading this, please drop it off in the library...cause I am going to hunt you down like a dog and then gut you like a fish.


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